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Originally Posted by wooten View Post
to be fair, 80s hair metal was more or less the same lyric 20-30 times over and over for 4 minutes
To be fair, all popular music is like this, dating to Tin Pan Alley and early blues and country. To suggest that "hair metal" is more or less so in this regard is ignorant (if even temporarily so for effect).

Originally Posted by GoChiefsGo View Post
Nirvana revolutionized music in the 90s, and paved the way for some of the best rock bands of all-time. No way you can dispute that fact, whether or not you liked them. And Nickelback and Creed are very much a new generation of music, I like to call it craprock ... they were helped along by the 90s generation of grungers growing up and having families
If you actually mean "the popularity of Nirvana paved the way for a new set of young rock bands to start making dough hand over fist," then I'll agree with you. As a resident of the Pacific Northwest you should know better.

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