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09-25-2011, 10:23 AM
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Originally Posted by Marv4Life View Post
I wouldn't argue with this statement. VBK seems like a guy who's in favor of promoting the team--specifically the players--more often and making them more accessible, while Lou is the exact opposite.

And for those of you who claim Lou's not going anywhere blah blah blah" realize this: the team cannot afford to miss the playoffs AGAIN. Not only that, they'd more than like have to get to the second round. Even with a bad defense(which can improve over time), with the forwards they have there's no good reason to miss the playoffs, even as a low seed. The Eastern Conference is not scary. Emotionally and financially missing the playoffs is NOT an option; making the second round is almost mandatory.

They have another lousy season and Lou's gone. VBK isn't stupid. If this was any other franchise the GM would be out already given the results over the last several years.
lol, and then who do you bring in as GM that is going to to save our ship?

Do you know how many GM's would kill to just make the playoffs 5 of 6 years? Obviously the results have been ******, but as somebody who is critical of Lou, what would you have suggested that he do differently over the span from the lockout until now? (and not hiring MacLean doesn't count, that's too obvious)

Lou isn't going anywhere as long as he is healthy

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