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09-25-2011, 10:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Logic is all over the place here. So McDo could turn out to be a SOLID TOP-4 but you're calling it a clear Habs win? Partially based on the fact that we lost to the Cup champions in the 1st round? Where the great Gomez had 4 points and -6?. Based on the worst regular season of his life? Based on the fact that all of this plus he's taking 7,3 M$ out of cap space? CLEAR WIN???? Geez, no wonder some here think this organization never does anything wrong...

Hey don't look but amongst the guys they got in trading Higgins, Brandon Prust had 29 points last year playing 13 minutes a game....Gomez had 38 points playing 19 minutes....
I'm not sure how saying that McDonagh could turn into a solid top 4 indicates flawed logic. In my opinion, a top 4 defenseman is roughly equivalent to a top 6 forward. Now you could say that my logic is flawed because I fail to take age/salary into account, but I think the fact that Gomez will be off the books before McDonagh hits his ceiling at least makes that consideration a wash.

Now WS, I have a lot of respect for your reports. If you were really high on McDonagh (which I don't remember) and are really low in Gomez (as you appear to be), then I can see why you disagree. But to be honest, I like McDonagh but never got that excited about him and think Gomez had a remarkably unlucky season last year, with the most notable instance being MaxPac's broken vertebrae just while they were beginning to click on the power play.

I think the organization can do plenty wrong. I just firmly believe that this trade wasn't one of them. To be honest, ignoring the fact that Gomez played a top six role in two (one especially good, one decent) playoff teams makes it seem like you think the organization can't do anything right.

Originally Posted by Agnostic View Post
Chris Higgins alone scored more goals than Gomez last year.
And Gomez in his two regular seasons with the Habs has registered only 3 less assists (88) than Chris Higgins has anywhere in his entire career (91). Nice try, holmes.

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