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10-25-2003, 03:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Oi'll say!
I don't think MacT is a good head coach for this team.

I love the way he played as an Oiler, but he's too quick to talk about players to the media.

When all the flap about AC went down I had hoped he would learn from it, then he opened his big gate to say how York had no reason to sit out with a mere broken bone in his wrist, now he's airing his beefs with Izzy.

Whatever Mac, so you don't like the guy. Sit him for a game but shut the hell up about it, you don't need to publicly flog every player who gets on your bad side.
I will respectfully, agree to disagree here, sir. I think he's coming into his own. He needed a couple more years in the background and instead got 'baptism by fire'. His biggest mistakes have all been 'rookie' (Oops... or... Holy ****, what do I do now?) mistakes and he looks to be learning from them.

He's working at getting better with the media, but he also knows that there are a lot of knowledgeable (rabid) fans out here, who want to know his reasoning. He also knows that he walks a tightrope with the fans. Damned if he does... Damned if he doesn't. imho - He didn't dress him down. He just said what we all know and added:

"He's not the only guy, but he's the guy who's drawn the short straw. There are other changes to be made as well unless we get this thing turned around.''

That right there sounds like it was a TEAM way of deciding who gets flogged. I like that a lot. And, that pb view can be a good thing.

btw - I thought it was KLo who said that York "has the kind of break that you can play with..."

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