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questions from the preseason!
Holley and others
I have often wondered what things are considered in making up the preseason schedule?
for example
Calgary does the tour albeit because they need to reciprocate the UNB red flamers for their trip out here last year....but to make it work they played 4 games in five nights ( for extra $) throw in the Cowboy Flames which is then 6 in 7 or 8 nights and then back to face our herd on friday call it the best or toughest preseason in the CIS..... no fatigue to start the year??? any injuries playing who cares games versus opponents trying to cream you....what about school? they have to go to school there dont they? they have a couple of new guys hood and freezee who joined then for their trip straight from rookie school for them last week cuz they were on the freddie beach tour and also missed the fist three weeks as well. So start from scratch starting monday 4 weeks behind??
or does school start in october in calgary?
leth brige essentially will play MRU three in a row and now the U of S three in a row? ?? imagination lacking here
UBC gets no CW prep?? they should!!!! instead they play a decent ACAC team and are undefeated....surely the talk of wreck beach.....whoopeee, and then a three day NCAA tour and travel there and back back only to have a short week to get into canada west for a real opponent?? preparation?
ours was good and well planned but look at the non dressed guys on saturday night??? hurt or resting?? european adventure taking its toll?? will we have 20 for our road trip to cowtown, hope so cuz they will be dead! but we might not have our A team again at the start of the year??
regina????alot of new players who are learning to stand around and watch their goalie get peppered again...low percentage shots?!@#!... how did it work last year...use the preseason to take it up a notch not trap more????
sask always plays regina and edmonton lethbridge or calgary every year ....BORING who knows how they are doing ?? alberta pounded calgary before they left but never left edmonton except for one game, can they play on the road ...unbeatable as usual at home...but still waiting on three guys from the pros....again school not an issue...waiting on the guys in they are in a different league! they are beauties
CW tooo close to call this year cuz again everyone doing some weird stuff in preseason?! Bison looked good! hope for great year from them!

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