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Originally Posted by Agnostic View Post
You didn't even read my post or the post I responded to.

The post that I responded to stated that the mtl-nyr trade now boils down to McDonagh for Gomez. Because it doesn't boil down to that, never has, never will
I responded that to think of the trade in those terms you have to completely forget that Higgins was a part of that trade. To forget about Higgins is to forget that his goal production by itself is greater than Gomez.

you read blah blah blah Higgins is better than Gomez which is nowhere in the post or in the thread. (except that you just wrote that 'his goal production by itself is greater than Gomez)

To reverse the trade is to have Higgins and McDonagh part of the Montreal lineup, and Gomez not in the lineup. That (and considerable payroll relief) should be the basis for comparison.
I think it's pretty clear no one has forgotten about Higgins. But using your hypothetical reverse of the trade, let's look at the results.

Season 1-

Gomez- 78 games, 59 points. Post-season: 19 games, 14 points.

Pyatt- 40 games, 5 points. Post-season: 18 games, 4 points.

Went out in the Eastern Conference Finals.


Chris Higgins- 55 games, 14 points. Traded at deadline to Calgary with Ales Kotalik for Olli Jokinen and Brandon Prust. It might be worth keeping in mind that Olli Jokinen was in his final year of a 4 year, $21 million dollar contract, making his cap hit $5.25 million dollars that season. Better than Gomez's $7.5, but not exponentially, considering what you get in return.

McDonagh- 0 games, 0 points.

Valentenko- 0 games, 0 points.

Just for the sake of the argument-

Jokinen- 26 games, 15 points.

Prust- 26 games, 9 points.

Rangers- DNQ for playoffs in last game of the season.


If you count Jokinen and Prust (which you probably shouldn't) the Rangers got 38 regular season points over 107 man games, clocking in at around .35 PPMG. For the first time since the lockout, the Rangers fail to make the playoffs.

Meanwhile, the Habs got 64 points out of 118 man games. That comes out to .54 PPMG from their end of the trade. Habs made the playoffs and went to the ECF, where Gomez and Pyatt had a combined 18 points in 37 man games, coming out to .49 PPMG (severely weighted down by Pyatt, mind you).

Meanwhile, a young defenseman named PK Subban adds to his 2 regular season starts in the playoffs and a star is born. But no one notices because they're pining for a defenseman who at that point had not played an NHL game and they also really loathe the contract of the team's 2nd line center, who puts up .73 PPG in the playoffs while playing against some of the best centers in the game.



Gomez- 80 GP, 38 points. Post-season: 7 GP, 4 points.

Pyatt- 61 GP, 7 points. Post-season: 7 GP, 0 points.

Habs lose in Game 7 OT to eventual cup-winners.


Higgins- N/A. Signed with Florida Panthers in the off-season.

Valentenko- 0 GP.

McDonagh- 40 GP, 8 points.

For sake of argument-

Jokinen- N/A Signed with Calgary Flames in the off-season.

Prust- 82 GP, 29 points.

Make playoffs, eliminated in 5 games by Washington.


Clearly not a great year for Gomez. Prust has a decent season. Both teams eliminated in the first round of the playoffs. McDonagh has a decent rookie season for NYR, with a solid +/- and responsible defensive play. The aforementioned Subban cements himself in the Habs starting line-up and has a far more impressive rookie season. The trade is somewhat of a wash for this season, although it should be noted that Subban more than adequately fills the holes in the Habs defensive ranks. McD would likely not have gotten many games were he still a Hab at this point.

Gomez's $7.36 million cap hit is still a sticking point for many fans. The NYR used the cap room freed up by Gomez to trade for Olli Jokinen in the first season post-trade, who took up $5.25 mil. In the second season, they took on the contract of Bryan McCabe from Florida, still playing on a $5.75 contract from his Toronto days. NYR more than makes up the difference between these contracts by giving Derek Boogaard a contract with a yearly cap hit of $1.625 million. If you add that to McCabe or Jokinen's contract, why it's almost $7 million!

So if one wants to attempt to qualify cap hit as a variable in appraising the trade, Gomez's first year is equal to the chance to trade for a pissed off Olli Jokinen who will then re-sign with his old team after missing in the shootout to put you into the playoffs. In the second season, Gomez prevented us from signing Derek Boogaard and trading for Bryan McCabe. Oh the humanity!

With all this stuff in mind, I really do believe that the Gomez trade is a win so far. If Richards really clicks in NYR and they become a serious contender (ECF or better), with McD improving on his decent rookie season, I might consider the argument that the cap room is enough of a negative to make this trade a wash. But at the moment, I consider this a definite Habs win for the number of reasons elucidated above.

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