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Originally Posted by SPLBRUIN
As a non Sens fan I enjoyed Eastwood, he called it as it was, no coddling to the Sens or their fan base, with the Sens poor play as of late he had lots of ammunition. With AJ now seemingly involved the non Eastwood fans should be happy, AJ alwasys has nothing but positive things to say about the Sens.

Eastwood seemed to dislike the Sens so I can see why he might be agreeable to someone who shared his opinion.

He should never have hosted a phone in show; it was not in his nature to listen to another point of view. If anyone dared to venture a different take than his own he would shout them down and then he and MacArthur would snicker about it.

I doubt that

I am not gong to miss that at all.

Mainly he seemed pretty bored to be there and only really interested if the conversation turned to fast food .His hockey analysis boiled down to "it is what it is" which he said numerous times on every every show.
I doubt that he disliked the Sens, Sens fans just think that. The fact is the Sens were horrible last year and he would have no credibility if he sang the company line ala AJ. If the Sens were playing better hockey he wouldn't have to listen to all of those moronic callers complaning about the refs, etc and I'm sure he would have been much more positive. If anyone was annoying it was Scott MacArthur, that guy was full of hot air.

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