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Originally Posted by SPLBRUIN View Post
Originally Posted by SPLBRUIN

I doubt that he disliked the Sens, Sens fans just think that. The fact is the Sens were horrible last year and he would have no credibility if he sang the company line ala AJ. If the Sens were playing better hockey he wouldn't have to listen to all of those moronic callers complaning about the refs, etc and I'm sure he would have been much more positive. If anyone was annoying it was Scott MacArthur, that guy was full of hot air.
He was on the show for more than one year. His attitude toward the Sens was the same every year.

I am not now and have never been an uncritical fan of the Sens management by any means and that is not what I expect from the radio hosts.

But he seemed to have a chip on his shoulder all the time . The callers weren't all stupid, some of them had more pertinent and interesting things to say than Eastwood, but his ego prevented him from letting them have their say if they didn't agree with him. There were many times that I wished he would just shut up and listen.

With AJ we have a host that doesn't dislike the team he is covering, knows a lot of the players from covering junior teams and will actually listen to points of view other than his own..

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