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09-25-2011, 07:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Play4Miracles View Post
It's recently been proven by a researchers "juunk food diet", that it doesn't matter what you eat, just how much you eat. The argument over the years has been carbs vs. fat vs. calories and the winner is calories. If you eat nothing but high carb fatty food you will STILL lose weight if it's the proper amount of calories!

My point is, you must not have had a lot of other stuff to eat on top of that stuff. I DID! lol Bag of Funyuns, 8-12 beers, and entire pie with cool whip, a salad, a bow of cereal, and more LOL.

I lost my mind, but I'm back in my normal routine now. 1,400 under my plan for today, and I will be watching what I eat religiously for the next two weeks. At age 39 you can't go crazy too often unless you want to lose it all!
I was pretty consistent with breakfasts and lunches -- high protein stuff, slow-digesting carbs (low GI and GL bulk), and veggies. Missed dinner completely on Friday. Barley sandwiches do not count.

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