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Originally Posted by Anton Callahan View Post
You have a LaRose jersey, so you are cool with me.

What facet of ChemE are you going into? I'm a Biology major with a minor in Biomanufacturing, so I have a lot of classes at the BTEC building on Centennial.
I was a Green Chemistry one back when I was in school - I graduated in May 2009. So basically I graduated when the sky was falling and offers were getting pulled left and right. I ended up working at a paper mill and I loved it for a short while. 4 months into it, the company I worked for (International Paper) decided to remove supply from the market and shut my mill down (South Eastern Virginia). They said I could move to Oklahoma, I said No try again, they offered middle of no where Louisiana so I found a new job. Took a consulting job, about went back to get my doctorate at UMass (was pretty much set on it) and then when I was about to, IBM called me, got an interview and a job and I've been happy ever since. I travel a lot, which anyone who knows me, knows I love. I try to catch games in every city I go to if possible.

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