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. I was like 1000 words in and my thing X'ed out. Let me try again. AHHH I'd been typing for like 20 minutes. It's not going to be as detailed (sorry)

Alright 2nd times a charm.

To know where to be defensively you have to know what the offense is trying to do...

F1-Will be driving hard to the outside with speed in attempt to either draw the defense with him and open up passing lanes or drive the net hard in an attempt to get a garbage goal. His passing options are to escape and drop the puck to the point or the trailer
(f3). Or slide try to hit F2 backdoor on the far post. Shootin options: He can also drive to the nearpost in attempt to create chaos in front of the net and some type of garbage goal. Or a shot from a wide angle in an attempt to create a rebound goal.

F2-Will be busting his @$$ to the far post. His job is to screen the goalie or redirect a rebound or a back door pass.

F3-Will be timing the first forward and trailing the play. He is the optimal target for the attacking team. Hitting him in the high slot is a great scoring chance as F1 will be driving to the net and F3 will be there screening.

The defense will just be supporting the play like always.

Knowing that here's the defensive side of it...

On a 2-2 your goalie and defense should be alright as long as one of them doesn't get beat...

D1 (Covering the puckcarrier)-His job should be to not worry about the puck and step up near the blue line and stop F1's forward momentum and seperate him from the puck.

D2 (covering F2) should be on his man breaking up any passes and clearing him away from the net once the F2 gets there.

F1-The first forward back will be reading the play. He should sort of be in a trail position following the play. (It's never a bad play in this situation to just go after F2. The man without the puck is the most dangerous) But if D1 steps up and disrupts F1 then the DF1 should go regain possesion of that loose puck. However, if D1 gets beat. D2 has to step up and fill that gap so F1 can't walk in all alone. So, than you as the first forward back have to make sure to be covering there F2 who is driving the net to break up any passes and clear him out so your goalie can see. (Which is why it's never bad to just help your D out with F2)

F2-F2 is probably picking up the trailing offensive F3. And breaking up any passes to him. However, If F3 is nowhere to be found than he can follow to the hashmarks to help support the play. Meaning go after the puck assuming it's probably tied down in the corner or on the halfway by this point. (while making sure F3 isn't sneaking in somewhere)

F3-Should be picking up the remaining trailers ie. point man or F3.

Hockey is all read and react. Set positions are only for the face off. You have to make sure the whole team knows everyone else's defensive assignments as they will probably be forced to cover every situation at some point during the game. You can switch back to your set defensive situation when things calm down. But you should never just be covering empty space

I'm really sorry I had this whole like freakin' essay typed up and I was really proud of myself, but my window decided to close. I hope this helps anyway!! This is just hockey in it's most basic form. No big twists or anything.

EDIT: Obviously you pick up the 3rd trailer if he is coming into the zone at the same time you (F1) are....

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