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09-26-2011, 09:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Powdered Toast Man View Post
-I love how people say "It's only preseason" and then ignore it two seconds later.

-The way I see it, nothing has changed since the start of preseason aside from Da Costa showing he has a legitimate shot to push Regin down and off the roster. I still don't think it happens, it's time to **** or get off the pot with Regin. Da Costa can wait.

-Zibanejad still has the Sweden option, I bet they use it. He'll get the 9 games and that is it. In the odd chance that he does make it, it will be at the expense of Regin or Da Costa.

-Butler has a guaranteed spot in the lineup. Do I really have to bust out the video? Butler has proven what he is capable of, he isn't going to lose his spot because of a mediocre preseason.

-One of Kenopka or Carkner has a guaranteed spot in the line-up. A team doesn't make toughness a priority in the off-season only to make the two main guys healthy scratches.

-Kuba won't sit, he'll play/be traded/be waived
It isn't an either/or. Da Costa to me has earned a spot playing with Michalek. They have chemistry, which isn't something we've seen much of from anybody along side Michalek. Regin is versatile enough to play elsewhere. They've had him with Foligno and Condra both in games and in practice and the line has looked good. It would push Smith to the "4th" line, but people get too hung up on line numbers. As a penalty killer Smith will still get his minutes, and we can roll 4 lines most of the time.

On Butler, I doubt he gets sent to Bingo, but I could see him starting as the 13th forward. Yes, we've seen him score, but that was last season. So far this preseason, for a new coach, in a world where what you've done lately matters, he hasn't done much of anything.

On Carkner/Konopka, I think when the team is 100% healthy (which may never be the case), Carkner is sitting and Konopka is borderline. There's no room for Carkner on the blueline unless Kuba is removed. Everyone else is better than him (emphasis on Brian Lee).

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