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Originally Posted by puckish66 View Post
Check out Shanny's video.
I did and the one view is what they showed at speed on Leafs' TV, and then the other was the replay from the half-wall to Reimer's left. At speed, it was like the Kassian hit in the WJC's -- looked like sternum. The slowed version in that video still leaves some doubt, as does Boyes position and view at the end of the hit. Shanny's been tasked with taking away head contact. Ok. He's swing the big stick in pre-season and the thought is the players will wise up (they usually do, much like every other single-focused "crackdowns" in recent years).

And I'm still wondering how Army gets naught but a penalty. Again, it's old-school NHL mentality that the harm inflicted influences the judgement of the infraction. If Gaustad is maimed or even simply departed the game, Armstrong would likely be facing something based on precedent for those sorts of things. It's not like Armstrong also isn't in their "Repeat offender" category, having already been suspended for an elbow to the head of Perreault against the Caps a few years ago.

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