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10-25-2003, 05:44 PM
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If you're not pumped about being a Bruins fan now....

...go sign up on the Habs board. I cannot remember being for pumped about the youth and future of these Boston Bruins. Not since the 97-98 season have I been so enthused with the youngsters wearing the spoked B.....

Raycroft/Jillson/Bergeron/Zinovjev.......Andrew Raycroft to me is more relaxed than a yoga instructor on valium. When Stan Fischler makes a comment about how quietly confident you are, you know you got something ....Nothing fazes this guy. He was off his game tonight IMO, and was saved by many goal posts, but he still won, without his best stuff....Just like a baseball pitching ace.

Jeff Jillson has become this team's best defenseman, already. Can he hold it up? Not sure, but this guy just looks the part. Smart, steady and pretty darn tough. Sure he makes mistakes, but he takes chances. You need this type, plus he'll only get better.

As far as Bergeron, I can't say enough. Hockey sense.....I'm not even sure what the hell it means, but he's got it. He'll check....He'll score...He'll set you up and he'll get in your face. Are we sure this guy is really 18? Are we sure he's not another Danny Almonte?

Zinovjev, on one pass tonight made the entire three years worth the wait. Again, you cannot teach the stuff I saw from him this evening. The "Wonder Woman" mental telepathy stuff with Sammy is frightening. Will he have the heart to stay over here and realize his full potential? I sure as heck hope so.

Then we move to the "other kids".....

I'll take a Mark Stuart, Shaone Morrisonn, Milan Jurcina and Lars Jonsson foursome as my best defenseive propects any day. Throw in Jillson, Boynton and a hopefully healthy Girard and you have the makings of a young, mobile, smart, tough defensive core.

I'm also not writing off Andy Hilbert, Martin Samuelsson and Ivan Huml. I think all three will be full season NHL'ers, whether here or somewhere else in a deal for more veterans...

Hannu Toivonen....Do I even need to say anything about how we feel about him? Raycroft-Toivonen will satisfy our need we've had since Moog-Lemelin.

Also, look to the future, the future NHL.. TWO-THIRDS of the entire player pool in the NHL will be free agents next season. TWO-THIRDS. Think about that for a minute. So, beyond this season, how much money do we have tied up? FOUR players, 6.8 million dollars. Shopping for players next year will be like finding the entire KISS CD collection in the bargin bin at Walmart. FOURTEEN teams already have over NINETEEN million committed.....Another Nine have over 12 million committed....So the Bruins will basically be able to pick their team. Of course we'll sign our core guys, and then we'll be able to supplement with whatever we want....

Oh, by the way, did I mention we scored FOUR freakin' third period goals against the defending Champs tonight, to win the game?

Man, life is sweet.

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