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Originally Posted by toshiro View Post
I continue to not understand why hockey players commonly miss time due to flu in this era of flu shots (sometimes the shot may miss the strain but still...).
Is that a joke? Plenty of people who get the shot still get the flu to the point of not being able to play a sport, even professional athletes.

In fact I know some folks who get sick immediately after the shot and I've been sick less often in general since I stopped going for those shots than when I was a kid and would frequently get them. I know they say it's a dead part of the flu (or something to that affect) just to give your body in order to build up an immunity but in my personal experiences with it that couldn't be further from what actually happened.

When I was a kid I used to get sick all the damn time dude. As soon as I moved out and stopped following the advice of parents to get shots I stopped getting sick as often. Funny part is my diet is far worse now than it was while living at home. I think maybe it could have to do with how often I got sick when I was younger. Maybe it helped me build up some immunity. That being said I still find it pretty weird that I get the flu less often now than when I was younger and actively getting the shots. I get a flu like once every 3 years now since I moved out. Used to get them annually at the minimum.

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