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HF Sharks Top Prospect Polls: 2011 edition - #8

Click each prospect's rank card to be taken to the poll thread for the spot they earned.

A member of the 2011 draft class finally shows up on the rankings at #7 as Matt Nieto represents the first placement by a prospect who was not eligible for previous polls. Fittingly enough, the new addition to this poll is the first member of the '11 class aside from Nieto to earn a spot on the voting list.

Added for this poll is Justin Sefton (there were only like 5 or 6 "add" votes last round. out of 40 overall votes. We can do better than 1/8th of participants actually posting to add someone.

Eligible for addition to future polls and/or the "other" vote option (regardless of how you vote in the poll, pick one to add to the next poll)

Colin Blackwell
Chris Crane
Drew Daniels
Justin Daniels
Dylan DeMelo
Cody Ferriero
Max Gaede
Curt Gogol
Thomas Heemskerk
Sean Kuraly
James Livingston
Tony Lucia
Isaac MacLeod
James Marcou
Lee Moffie
Matt Pelech
Brodie Reid
Tyson Sexsmith

Poll rules:
Eligibility: Prospects are eligible for the polls if they are 25 years of age or younger, have played less than 30 NHL games in their careers to this point, and are not expected to be regular parts of the NHL roster this year. Yes, this means that Thomas Greiss is back on the list after being off last year when he was projected as the backup goaltender prior to the Niemi signing.

1) each poll will have 14 player options, plus an "other" vote. If you vote for "other" you must indicate in a post who you are intending to put forth as your selection for it (and it must be a player found on the future poll eligibility list below). Any "other" votes that are not accompanied by a post indicating who you are voting for will be voided.

2) When you vote, you must also post and indicate who you wish to have added to the next poll. The player with the most nominations will be added to the next ranking spot's poll options.

3) Polls will be open for 48 hours. (I've found that during the summer, voting tends to peter out after a couple days, and 90% of the time the voters who miss out in two-day windows aren't usually enough to impact the result)

4) If after 30 votes have been cast, any prospect holds a 15 vote or greater lead on the next closest competitor, the poll will be closed early and the current front-runner will be declared the winner.

5) In the event a poll closes with a tie, a 24 hour tiebreak poll will be opened with only the tied players available as an option.

6) If any poll earns less than 30 votes over its active period, it will be the final poll of the project, and the only subsequent thread in the prospect ranking series will be a wrap thread. We're not going to do threads with polls decided by 20-25 people, that's just not really valid (well, less valid than the process already is)


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