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10-25-2003, 05:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Foppa
I think for the most past, Tanguay's consistancy and overall level of effort has been much, much better this season so far - regardless of how many points he has (many). Although, I was not witness to the catastrophes against Edmonton or Boston, so I may not have the entire picture.

He's still the third member of the #1 line, but that line has remained possibly the hottest in hockey do in no small measure to the rapaport all three have and I still think anybody who just assumes some other Joe Schmo can just step into that line and make it work like it does now would be mistaken.

He also seems to be, for right or wrong, bulletproof thus far in terms of being dealt. The fact that Drury, Reinprecht, Vrbata, Nedorost, and Johansson, all talented young forwards have been dealt and Alex remains means he either has naked pictures of PL or the franchise still views him as a critical piece of the future. A little skeptical still perhaps, as witness to his recent 1-year deals, but wary of letting him go elsewhere because of his talent.

Having narrowly dodged the holdout hex, I'd be shocked if Tanguay was dealt this season...even for a goalie and even though many still assume it is going to happen sooner or later.

Maybe his 'leech' status can be used against him in contract negotiations?

He'd be cheaper then say, Drury, because of all those weird highlightreel goals, even though he produces about the same... (ignoring everything else Drury 'brings' for a second :-P)

"You're a leech, here's a tenner, now go play hockey!"

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