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10-15-2005, 11:40 PM
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Tomorrow is a great day: I have two games where I can make some tests. I intend to avoid to do one thing I've done so far: Going straight on the goalie. Instead, I will come on him from his right. I will go across the net, make a little move with my stick and shoot with my back-end shot. If I have my teamate on my side, uncovered, I will pass to him for sure. Easy to say, but maybe not that much when the break-away is happening!

Next Saturday, I will climb the CN Tower in Toronto! If interested to come along, please email me and I will give you my phone number so we see each other at the climb. One can encourage the other to get to the top. Now I don't know which of you or I will be the one needing encouragement...

I had not done stair climbing for many months. I've just walked a few minutes ago the equivalent of the CN Tower in my building. I made it in one hour. So
I'm ready! I was never really out of breath. I think I'd be ready to go back and climb for another 15 minutes. I will stop here to avoid leg pain in the morning...

Saturday October 22

6-11 am (climbers must arrive by 10am to climb)

The CN Tower proudly hosts this 28th annual stair climb sponsored by
Enbridge and the CN Tower to raise money for the United Way of Greater
Toronto and over 200 Toronto agencies it provides for. This popular
annual fundraising event draws thousands of people who want to climb
the stairs of the World's Tallest Building and Canada's Wonder of the
World and contribute to a very worthy cause.

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