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Originally Posted by northernblizzard View Post
I have heard NB's defense is strong. I have no connection at all with this league but I have watched AA Bantam hockey for about 15 years in Saskatchewan and I can't recall one first year female defenceman who was strong enough to play. I recall a couplle of first year female forwards who struggled all year but never a defenceman. So my question for you is in respect to Avery Fransoo. Is Avery really that good? Or is this a mysterious political situtation that seems to happen on many teams that no one understands?
"Don't ask, Don't tell"
Seriously though, in talking with the other parents it is indeed a mystery. I guess both her brothers are very strong (almost outstanding) players and so it only makes sense that a first year, 5'4"(?) female can bump other players such as Shynkaruk(?) and Blanchette(?) out of their 5th or 6th spot. She is however almost as strong as the one other “Dman” (can I still use that term? haha) Marty kept but that’s neither here nor there. I do like his top 4 with Sych, Tkatchuk, Lanfermann and Vidal though. As long as they run these four, the other two will be enough to give them the odd longer break between. It’s too bad that Marty appears to have got caught up in the politics of it all. The one thing to be sure of, this is not an isolated case nor a first time ever this has happened case either so we move on and keep cheering.

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