Thread: Speculation: Gunnarsson to NYR?
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09-27-2011, 05:11 AM
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Originally Posted by BeautyDuster View Post
Leafs fan here is peace.

So far the consensus from Rangers fans is that Gunnarsson is worth a 2nd rounder + 1-2 mid level prospects?

Personally, I would be looking for an above average third liner + a pick or a mid-level prospect with an offensive upside in return. Unfortunately I'm not too familiar with the Rangers 3rd line or prospect pool

My perspective is that Gunnar is a reliable #3/4 defensemen at both ends of the ice with above average (NOT top-notch) puck moving abilities and an offensive upside. You don't notice him, in a good way. The knock on him is that hes not overly physical, but has some size and can handle himself in front of the net. His strength comes from his positional play and decision making.

For an intense stat analysis of why Gunnarsson is solid, read the following:

He could break out, but most likely will improve at the same steady pace he has been.

As for the Leaf board... it is mayhem there, but don't let it characterize all of us. We have our fair share of short sighted hot heads, but also a sizeable amount of level-headed, self-depreciating, educated, grammar-capable fans who love to have an intelligent debate that excludes name calling and pidgeon-holing.
How would you like Zuccarello and Christensen for Gunnarsson and a 2nd or 3rd? Fair? Too much from Rangers? Too much from the Leafs?

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