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Originally Posted by scott99 View Post
Sorry to disagree with you Seph, but the Islanders had nobody as good as Stastny and Stewart on the Isles in Tavares first two years. These two guys besides being decent 20+ goal scorers, are way better passers than anyone the Isles had Tavares' first two years. Hedjuk, meanwhile scored 23 goals in only 56 games during Duchene's rookie season, which betters Moulson's goal per game pace. So Duchene definitely had more help his rookie season, and teams top defensivr lines keyed on Stastny, Stewart and Hedjuk more than Duchene, where as Tavares was hounded by teams top defensive lines from game one.

Granted, the Isles were more talented in Tavares second year, but even so, I still don't think there is an Islander as good as Stastny (would love to see Tavares fed passes from someone as good as Stastny), and Hedjuk, even though old, still is talented and scored 56 points, including 34 assists.

So the debate continues.
Duchene and Stastny play on different lines. So Stastny being a better passer is a pretty moot point. They do play some together on the PP, but at the same time Duchene still outscored JT by 9 points at ES. And anyway, Stastny had a poor year last season (had all of 2 more assists than Parenteau and 4 more than Nielsen), and it didn't stop Duchene from still putting up the same number of points as Tavares.

Duchene does play on a line with Hejduk, and Hejduk currently is highly comparable to Moulson. Duchene's linemates last season really weren't any better than Tavares'. Goals per game is also pretty irrelevent, since it also means that Duchene played 26 games without Hejduk, whereas JT played all season with Moulson. Also, if you project Hejduk's gpg over 82 games, it results in all of 3-4 more goals than Moulson scored that season. Moreover, I don't see much relevance in looking at who had more help in their rookie seasons in determining who is better now.

After last season, that one is having their points boosted significantly from the team they're on is an argument that should be laid to rest. On highly comparable teams, they put up highly comparable numbers. Both bring other strengths to the ice beyond scoring, and both are still improving. Neither is notably better than the other at present.

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