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Originally Posted by The Man View Post
Especially when it's actually the flu, and not a cold.

No, you didn't. I don't know you from a hole in the ground, but I will without a doubt 100% guarantee you that you did not get the flu annually. You may have gotten a COLD annually, but you absolutely did not get the flu every year.

Part of the problem with threads like these, or at least when the get to the topic of colds/flus is that too many people think they are the same thing. They aren't, not at all. Pretty much all the people who think they still get "the flu" after getting a flu shot, are referring to a cold, not the flu. People (primarily the elderly) can and do actually die from the Flu. If someone actually has the flu, it's absolutely understandable that they can't play a game of hockey. A cold? you can fight there that depending, but if it's the flu? unlikely.

Having a flu shot won't do squat to prevent you from getting a cold, and also it needs to be kept in mind that the flu shots that people are given are only done to protect you from that particular season's most likely and plentiful strain of the flu. There's many different strains and they are constantly mutating.

But no, (and I really don't mean this as any sort of shot at you), you did not have the flu annually as a kid. And absolutely, if someone actually has the flu, it's 100% understandable why they may miss some games.
You're correct in all of your points but flu shots aren't protective 100% of the time. Another thing: Influenza viruses can differ in their infectivity and symptoms as well as in their genetic makeup. As you know, some strains are deadlier than others. Finally, there are non-influenza viruses that can produce pulmonary infections, such as the RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) and the so-called avian flu.

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