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Originally Posted by Megaforce View Post
I don't know why they would give antibiotics for a flu. They kill bacteria, not viruses.

But there's no clear line between having a cold and a flu. Some colds are worse than mild flus. I read somewhere, perhaps wikipedia, that there are 101 strains of flu and once you get one you are immune to it, so theoretically those who had 'em a lot will be less vulnerable once they get older.
Oh my, there's a lot of misinformation in this thread! You're correct in stating that antibiotics are ineffective against viral infections but there are antiviral drugs that can lessen the severity of influenza infections. Also, although there are many flu strains several of them have similarities and in some cases previous infection with one strain may confer partial protection against another.

Interestingly, some flu symptoms aren't caused directly by the virus. They're caused by the antibodies released by the victim's immune system.

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