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10-25-2003, 07:30 PM
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Originally Posted by DKH
I'm not worried about this at all. For one thing you need look no further to what happened to the Oates and Thomases that want to play but cant get their price. With a luxury tax looming you can be certain the teams that would covert these type of players wont be able to. Dallas is trying to get down, the Blues wont take on payroll, on and on. The Broons have planned for this day and imo when the dust settles they'll keep whoever they want. They also will be dealing specifically with Rolston and Murray who have openly stated they want to remain Broons. This wont be Allison's NBA 'show me the money to show me respect'; or Billy Guerin getting a Godfather offer he can't refuse. All the players you mentioned are good players- some B/B+ others B or B-. The offers CAN'T be ludicrious because of the impact they will have on a teams payroll. The Broons will be in the drivers seats not only with the players you mentioned but other free agents.

Bottom line- the Broons are well off in talent, payroll flexability and prospects. I see no reason to even waste one brain cell at this time worrying about this.
Good points....but with the Bruins track record of taking one step back for every step forward, I am not so sure they will build upon any success they have this season. I hope I'm wrong, but history paints a pretty clear picture.

In terms of the UFA market, if Knuble has another good year, he will be one player who could be a hot commodity. Rolston and Murray are two other players who could be sought after largely because of their specialized contributions and reasonable price tag. Yeah Detroit, Dallas and Colorado are all pressing their budgets down, but I wouldn't put it past a few teams to go shopping. There's always a few who break ranks for a chance to get better, and the B's will have some good players on the market. No matter what, having 4-5 core guys who play a big role on your team being UFAs combined with the B's track record does not make me comfortable. That doesn't mean I'm fretting about it, or that I believe the B's will lose all these guys and suddenly become a crap team, but whether they can really build on their integrated youth and potential success is the one question I have.

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