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09-27-2011, 11:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Libertine View Post
Would you tell a gay person that the "f" word isn't as offensive? It doesn't matter who suffered more, hate is hate. By the way, gays were rounded up and killed by the Nazis so I think they had it fairly bad. Hell they still are being denied their civil rights today and many still fear coming out. How would you feel to be a gay hockey player too terrified to come out because slurs were regularly used in the locker room and on the ice? How would you like to have your sexuality used as an insult and demeaned on a regular basis? Because the odds are there are players going through that in the NHL right now.
It's called having pride in who you are. It doesn't matter what the haters say.

I'm white with brownish/red hair.

If you think for one second that I would run to the media over being called a "cracker" and a "ginger" you better rethink.

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