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09-27-2011, 12:32 PM
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Originally Posted by DrDoom View Post
Not really...again you can use all the gerunds at the end of curse words and baseless hyperbole, feigned indignation and other rhetorical flourishes all you want but it doesn't make your OPINIONS gospel.

He outplayed Boucher and yes a handful of games against NHL competition and his body of work in practice allowed him to surpass Boucher hence why he started and did well going FORWARD. Insight was drawn from his performances and he didn't just get the job by default as you are suggesting.
No, he made the team by default. He won the job because Boucher isn't a *ing starting NHL goalie and Lavy knew that from his body of work. He was playing well in the preseason, and they let him start in a far from ideal situation.

However, what is fascinating is that you are attempting to change the scope of the conversation to winning jobs, which is not the same thing as projecting production. Obviously you can win a job in camp, that's true in every sport out there, but that doesn't mean that preseason production translates to regular season production in anything remotely resembling a 1:1 relationship... If Bob was going up against Henrik Lundqvist coming off a bad preseason, I can pretty much guarantee you that Lundqvist would have been starting Game 1. Just like I can pretty much guarantee you that Bryz will be our starting guy no matter how well Bob plays this preseason.

So, you aren't even challenging my position on the preseason, you're trying to alter the discussion to better suit the argument that you want to make than actually addressing the one that I made.

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