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09-27-2011, 03:13 PM
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Originally Posted by GreasyGrinder View Post
lol 20 years for selling weed?

Gotta keep those prisons full $$$
Originally Posted by sk8haggard9 View Post
20 years for distributing a non-harmful, medicinally based plant is a little much. Its a nonviolent crime, yet he could sit for a quarter of his life behind bars. Something is wrong with this picture. Not to get too much into politics, but marijuana prohibition really needs to end. Far too many innocent people sitting behind bars, completely stripped of their freedom...

Well, I don't know a ton of details about this case, or the laws involved, 20 years and a million bucks is the maximum sentence but it's not necessarily what the sentence will be and that may not be what McMorrow serves.

These types of stories always report the maximum sentence. What percentage of convicted criminals actually receive and serve the maximum? It can't be that high.

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