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Originally Posted by PizzaSteak View Post
If you cannot see the lunacy in what you are saying, then you really are too much of a homer to have a conversation with. I've seen you all over the boards become absolutely feral if anyone says one negative thing about any Oiler prospects.

I have not seen ONE scout that said anything along the lines of Larsson being a terrible reach by any of the top 4 teams that drafted. Was RNH being projected as a "better" player? Probably, but Larsson was being projected by plenty of scouts to be a potential franchise Dman.

Are you RNH's girlfriend? Why is it so big a deal that anyone says Larsson could be potentially as good a player as RNH?
I don't care who drafted who. It's just lunacy when random HF posters somehow think they are superior to scouts. Every time a prospect is at the top a year before the draft, HF falls in love with them and can't understand that they might fall.

That's why I'm posting in this thread. Saad, Larsson, Couturier, etc.. are touted as ridiculous steals because nobody here can understand that other players can establish themselves.

Where the hell did I say Larsson was a reach? He was a sick player at #4 and might have been the best #4 prospect pick in several decades. I don't know where you'd get that from.

The bottom line is that Saad should not have been a top 10 pick. He fell for a reason. People get way too attached to prospects who shine early.

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