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10-25-2003, 08:02 PM
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Originally Posted by OYLer
I hate to have to disagree with you but the price of admission for Oilers' Ownership Group is the competitive reality of icing a hockey team that has at least a chance to win on any given night. If a new CBA has a hard salary cap of 35 million U$D then why not spend that now and ice a hockey product that excites the Oilers fans? Plus making the playoffs and going deep is a real revenue generator.
Ya right. You've probably been looking for any opportunity to disagree with me.
Didn't your mama tell you to 'pick your fights'.

"the price of admission for Oilers' Ownership Group is" keeping the team afloat till the new CBA. That's all they promised, and it has already cost them some serious coin.

Now, think very carefully about your sentence that I hilighted. That kind of (count your chickens before they hatch) thinking can get you in a lot of trouble. This same reasoning also applies to; $5mil more in the player budget will have us "making the playoffs and going deep".

Sry, I'd rather stick to the 'big picture', than give in to 'instant gratifications'.

btw - I'm sure we all have thoughts on how the new CBA should work.
Too bad we don't get a say in those decisions.

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