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09-27-2011, 07:12 PM
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On Simmonds and Avery by Meltzer

Bill's take if it hasn't been discussed..

As for the series of confrontations between Wayne Simmonds and Sean Avery last night, I cannot condone what Simmonds allegedly said to Avery while the two were verbally sparring. But I understand why it happened.

It does not matter that the particular homophobic slur that Simmonds appeared to holler at Avery gets used -- repeatedly -- on virtually an every-game basis at all levels of hockey. That doesn't make it right or justify it.

It also does not matter that Avery is the most notorious trash talker in the entire league (one who, in the past, has allegedly used racial slurs and extremely vile personal taunts in which absolutely nothing is off-limits). I doubt the player himself believes most of the things he says, but it doesn't stop him from saying them.

Avery compounds the trash talking by taking cheap shots -- such as his sucker punch of Simmonds in the pile up after the Sestito boarding major touched off scrums and a Sestito vs. Stu Bickel fight behind the net -- and then doing things like turtling and looking to the refs when he gets confronted directly by the other player.

Avery brings out the worst in other players, and brings on himself things like Simmonds' poor choice of a return taunt. Again, I don't like the name that Simmonds called Avery.

However, I also doubt it was said in reference to Avery taking a public stance in favor of gay marriage rights. I suspect it was said for the usual reason it gets uttered on the ice. It's said to imply the other player is cowardly or otherwise less than a man. That's wrong, but keep this in mind: If Simmonds has chosen to use the other typical on-ice taunts that have the exact same actual meaning -- the ones that reference females and the female anatomy -- I doubt that anyone would have gotten on their sanctimonious soapbox afterwards to condemn Simmonds for using terms that show contempt and antiquated attitudes about women.


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