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Originally Posted by L4vK View Post
First of all, lets pretend that what happened last season and this years at camp didn't occurred.

How did this guy fell in the 5th rounds ???

He was coming from a 72gp-41g-40a-81p-111pm, plus at 16 yo he still put 31 points in 52 games. I mean, you look at a guy like Ryan Johansen and he did put 71-24-44-63 and he got drafted 4th overall.

Some will say that he is bigger and they saw more potential in him, it is true, thats is why he got 4th overall. But why a 17yo 40goals scorer slip to the 5th round ?

Didnt the GMs got their lessons whit Fleury,St-louis etc ?

I mean, if the small guy can score 40 goals and 100pm he wont shy away from men when hes going to be 22 years old.

On a side note, he said he uses is size as an advantage and I believe him, just go look some highlight when hes cutting to the net.

Thanks for reading.
Because he was not recognized as a fast skater. Most of the players under 5'10 are very good skater.

Scouts worries how his tenure in the WHL would translate in the NHL.

While his skating is still a concern, he has improved his quickness in the past year.

But like you said 72gp-41g-40a-81p-111pm it's pretty good.

Congrats to T. Timmins to draft him at 5th round. We didn't have a second round draft pick because of the Tinordi trade. Guess now Gallagher kind of is!!!

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