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10-25-2003, 08:27 PM
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Oiler report card

The Oilers were outworked, out skated, out muscled. The forwards are getting to far ahead of the defense so the team is having trouble breaking out.

Brewer - Lack of confidence and over thinking are his major problems. Another tough game.

Chimera - Playing a little better showed some emotion tonight.

Cross - Keeps the game simple, many of the Oilers could learn from him.

Dvorak - Showing a lot of hustle, but I am getting a little sick of the lack of production.

Ferguson - Another guy that showed some emotion and I didn't really notice him and that is good.

Hemsky - Teams are now cheating towards the other players leaving him no one to pass too. Hemsky one word for you, SHOOT!

Horcoff - No real offensive flair, but played ok defensively. Not talented enough to play anywhere near the first line.

Laraque - Quick fight, had one good shift where he controlled the boards and created a goal scoring chance. Other than that nothing.

Moreau - One of the few players that has showed up every game. Showed lots of try again.

Pisani - Didn't really notice him.

Reasoner - Didn't really notice him.

Salo - Made one really good save, but went down to soon at the Oliwa goal. His play has been average this season and that is not good enough.

Semenov - I thought he played well, was more physical tonight. This is the kind of game that he has to play to continue to stay in the lineup.

Smith - I thought he was a major culprit, when it comes to getting the puck to the forwards up the ice.

Smyth - Was Smitty tonight. One of the few Oilers played well.

Staios - Played ok, nothing spectaculor.

Stoll - Really didn't notice him.

Torres - Didn't notice him.

York - Didn't notice him.

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