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10-25-2003, 08:53 PM
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Originally Posted by LoudmouthHemskyfan#1
Shawn Horcoff is not a first-line center.

Eric Brewer needs to figure out who the Eric Brewer was that played for the Olympic team.

Tommy Salo has weaker fundamentals than Ty Conklin. The game is not played laying on the ice Tommy.

Ryan Smyth needs to figure out that you don't score along the ice very often in the NHL, especially after recieving a cross-ice pass and having a wide-open top 3/4 of the net to shoot at.

Ales Hemsky needs a skilled forward to play with, someone that can actually keep up.

Raffi Torres needs to start running people and causing trouble.

Fernando Pisani needs to have his job on the line every night like last season.

Ty Conklin needs to heal, QUICKLY.

Scott Ferguson needs to be given a press box seat. Getting flat-out burned by Krystof Oliwa should speak for itself.

Steve Staios needs a defensive partner who plays as hard as he does.

Jason Smith needs to stop going for the big hit and learn some defensive skills.

Alex Semenov needs to keep shooting on the powerplay, that cannon is lethal.

Cory Cross needs to use his reach more often, and play snarly every night.

Jason Chimera has to remember that he's a good hockey player with speed to burn and finishing ability.

Marty Reasoner should get his chance to play with skilled linemates.

Marc-Andre Bergeron needs to be in the lineup, not hangin out in the PB in a suit and yellow tie, but on the ice in a uniform.

Brad Isbister should realize he's got the ability to dominate on any given night if he'd just give the effort.

Georges Laraque has to start getting on his own team to get going.

Jarret Stoll will be a good NHL hockey player, but he still needs a ton of work.

Stephen Valiquette should've got a chance tonight, instead we saw his mastery of the door opening art and water bottle tossing prowess.

Peter Sarno should be recalled.

Mike Comrie should sign/be signed.

Craig MacTavish needs to figure out who was behind the bench against Colorado, and coach like that guy.

Kevin Lowe needs to do something intelligent, NOW.

Peter Bondra would look really nice recieving passes from Ales Hemsky and being the first decent Oiler to ever wear #12

The fans need to be more vocal, let the team know that horrible performances like that won't stand.

The media needs to start holding this organization accountable.

Tonight was downright embarassing, a dude in a Ronald/Lanny MacDonald outfit got to go home happy. Our team played like a group of total clowns on Hockey Night in Canada, for a packed house, against a horrible hockey team.

What a joke............

I know your opinion is a little biased on Hemsky, but, I think you could be a little more critical of his play.. something along the lines of, lets make sure of the pass, especially along the blue line, before we turn it over to the opposition. Hemsky is guilty of being just a little to cutsie with the puck. SHOOT THAT GODDAMN PUCK A LITTLE MORE WHEN YOUR IN THE SLOT!!!!!