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Originally Posted by HockeyCrazed101 View Post
Fair enough if you think he looks lazy on the ice but where are you coming to the conclusion that he has a bad attitude? Not everyone are extroverted individuals that can become a comedian when the cameras and lights are on them so what you perceive as laziness does not necessarily mean he has a bad attitude. And when does he whine? Kessel took full accountability for his performance last season and said he could do better. Usually people with attitude problems would find ways to blame others. He also happens to have pretty good relationships with a number of teammates off of the ice. It's one thing to form opinions on the subjective things we see happen on the ice, but it's unnecessary to use that as a means to make assumptions with little evidence. If there's any evidence of Phil having a bad attitude, then I haven't seen it.
While I by no means have all the answers, I have been coaching for a long time, and I have learned a lot over the years. Laziness, bad attitudes, and selfishness is one of the most common problems I have to deal with. Over the years, I have become better at spotting the symptoms, and I have also learned different ways to break the bad habits.

First of all, if you agree that he is lazy then you pretty much have to agree he has a bad attitude - they go hand in hand. Laziness is a form of selfishness, and selfishness is part of a bad attitude.

Other than that connection, I have formed my beleif that Kessel has a bad attitude by watching him play. You can tell a lot about a player's attitude by watching how he responds to different situations during a game. It's easy to play when everything is rolling, and things are great. It's not so easy when luck seems to be against you.... and this is when character almost always reveals itself. Phil Kessel usually just gives up and feels sorry for himself.

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