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10-25-2003, 09:13 PM
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my turn .... in the hell do you lose to the Calgary Flames twice in 2 games?!?!?! please tell me...

Ales Hemsky is simply an AMAZING hockey player...he does virtually everything right and if he played with Iginla or Kariya or Bondra would just be even more amazing...Get someone to play with this guy...a nice start would be to get Comrie signed...SIGN MIKE COMRIE...CLAP CLAP CLAP-CLAP-CLAP!!

The Really Bad and The Really Ugly

Brewer-What happened? Poor play, some bad giveaways, needs the be the #1 dman we all know he is capable of being.

Ferguson-Oliwa actually burned you...that speaks for itself...

The Bad and The Ugly

Horcoff-Should definatly not be on the top line. Constantly gave up the puck and blew chances.

Laraque-Where is the BG that dominates the boards? Dropped the gloves at least. When he plays with alot of emotion he is great...otherwise

Pisani-Didnt do anything, missed one major chance when he had it all alone.

Salo-Couldnt have done much else...The Oliwa goal was bad...Seemed like he just wasnt reacting normally. Needs to be a hell of alot better considering what we are paying him.

Smith-Hurt the team when he went for the big hit and missed...resulted in the Flames lighting up the twine...

Stoll-not quite ready...get Sarno up here give Stoll first line minutes in TO.

Torres-Nothing great...didnt do much wrong. Where is the **** distuber this guy is suppost to be?


Chimera-Better game from him...Doesnt seem like he gives it his all however.

Cross-Decent game, did his job. No VERY bad giveaways to my recollection. (2 good looking friends to my left may have hampered my vision at times)

Dvorak-On the verge of breaking out...shows great hustle and heart almost 100% of the time. Bounces just arnt going his way right now.

Reasoner-Solid play, missed on chance which would have been huge.

Semenov-Played pretty good...Used his shot very well (even broke the glass with it). Should definately play next game.

Smyth-Decent game nothing too great yet everything was solid.

Staios-IMO the oilers best dman thusfar. Plays with great heart and gives it his all.

York-Nothing fancy but was one of the better players one the ice.

The Bold and The Beautiful

Hemsky-Like #1 said and I said earlier...This guys needs some other skilled forward to play with him...Would even be that much more effective...nonetheless still has 8 points in 8 games.

Moreau-Gives it his all and grinds it out every shift. Good PK with his good forecheck. I thought he was overpaid but am starting to think different.

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