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10-25-2003, 09:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Brynster
I'm more a Black and Wite(sp) kind of guy.
The Oilers have to prove their worth and situation to the NHLPA and the richy rich US owners. Can that be done? Will they care? Or is the Oilers fate... inevitable??
You need to explain what you mean by worth and situation.

WRT the NHLPA my assumption is they want to see a franchise that pays the players as much money as possible while you seem to advocating the opposite, ie a payroll that in totality is very low.

Worth to the rich US owners probably means that the Oilers are a team that generates maximum US attendance hence maximum revenue for all their away games. It also likely means that the Oilers are expected to generate enough revenue at home so that revenue sharing is not required. Perhaps you can explain how this can be done by the Oilers minimizing payroll. You must know that people want to see the star players.

Is their fate inevitable? Ask Ottawa, a small market team with a $34M player salary budget and a rich owner. I wonder if the fact that their on-ice product is among the best in the league is the reason that they now have a rich owner.

Wake up! The way to fame and fortune is not with a below par product. And you'll be waiting even longer if you think revenue sharing is going to make you rich.