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09-28-2011, 08:29 AM
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Originally Posted by neofury View Post
To all the Fleury haters... I used to be a Fleury hater too but he's like wine gets better with age. Sure he's had his share of problems and consistency issues but he's gotten better with consistency over time and has improved all aspects of his game.

The amount of disrespect Fleury gets around the NHL and especially these forums is just crazy now. People can't ever shake that stigma surrounding them from when they were younger. Fleury has won a Stanley cup albeit on a stacked Pittsburgh lineup. It's still more than anyone here can say. Furthermore last year Fleury looked great even when half the team was injured. He lost in spite of his team not the other way around.

I'm by no means a huge Fleury fan but he'd be a great goaltender to have at this point in his career. He might not be perfect but he's capable of playing a ton of games and winning. He's a career 60+ game + strong playoff type goalie. Even if his team is stacked he's definitely worthy of the team having won the cup with them already.

As I've started to watch more hockey, I agree with you about many things and Fleury is one of them. Fleury is probably one of the last goalies I'd take to build my team around but if I was building a playoff team, he'd be in the very valuable 2-6 range.

He is money when it matters. And he's getting better in the regular season.

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