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Originally Posted by GKJ View Post
I don't think it's not not liking him as it is having rational expectations. He'll get his NHL chance, I am sure of this, and it seems that he has done what the organization has asked him to do thus far, as far as his discipline goes. Again, to his credit. But everything points to him getting a cup of coffee or two, and that's it. Some guys still get that, knowing they probably won't have an NHL career.

If he has all these skills that everyone in the media keep screaming about, it would help if they had any tangible evidence to that.
Guys mature at different times of their lives, mentally as well as physically. He probably thought that the only way he had a chance was to play an insane maniac style of play. It got him the attention and he rose all the way up to the NHL at the age of 21. That's not a small feat for a player like him.

Now they are trying to tone him down to become a "regular player". Why can't he succeed, just because he hasn't been a scorer in the past? The team, the NHL Philly Flyers, certainly seem to think he can and why would they waste their time on him if they didn't feel that way...they could care less what he did in the minors, it's completely 1000% irrelevant right now.

He's a very good skater and a hard hitter and those attributes aren't going to disappear. He's never going to be a scorer and that's not why he's on the roster. There is no reason whatsoever that he can't be an agitator that throws big hits on the forecheck and drops the gloves once in a while.

It's generally that scoring ability along with the rough style of play that gets guys noticed and drafted...Zac was able to attract the attention without the scoring. What's the difference if a guy scores in the minors and plays a goon/energy role in the NHL but doesn't score and a guy who doesn't score in the minors and plays an energy role and doesn't score in the NHL? Absolutely nothing....the play in the minors is generally what gets the player on the radar...he was noticed in spite of that. I think you're premise is faulty.

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