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10-25-2003, 09:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Danny08
Kevin Lowe should call press conference tomorrow. He should announce that the Oilers will NO LONGER plater Oilers' hockey. Instead, they will adapt the new exciting style that marginal talented teams use in order to win. Again tonight another garbage team, the flames beat the Oilers by just sitting back and trapping and awaiting the little chances (PP's) or the mishaps of the wonderful D of the Oil (Brewer, Fergie chasing Oliwa).

I can't believe it has come to this. Sucking this badly.

P.S. Salo must got. I hope Conks is ok..
The Flames are not a 'garbage team' and they do not play the trap, they're PK (which was on alot and you may have mistaken it for the regular system) lines at least 3 guys on the blueline but they are normally a puck persuit team, as you can see when the Oilers did gain the zone, they were constantly pressuring the player with the puck. There system is far more Ottawa comparable then New Jersey or Minnesota like. They, however, do not have the offense talent of Ottawa, but they are starting to get some goals (4 tonight). Sure the Flames play good team-D by backchecking but they hardly just dump in the puck and wait, notice there constant little play to gain the line WHILE CARRYING THE PUCK where the come across the blueline and take a pass then turn and head into the other zone by coming behind the D-man and gaining at least the corner. And by the way Calgary had two PP goals and two EV strength goals.....Edmonton had two PP goals.....hmmmmm.

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