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10-17-2005, 04:17 AM
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Originally Posted by ice berg slim
Mission Dangler, Easton Octane
I used to use a Mission Dangler all the time and loved using it, especially for stickhandling and wrist shots. But for some reason, i think because of the curve of the shaft, i had difficulty getting a decent slapshot from it. That was the only problem i ever had with it. Otherwise it was great and the most durable shaft i have ever owned (still got it after a few years).

Octanes i used to like, cheap, decent performance, you know what you're getting. But i broke one every 5-6 weeks for a good few months. I'm not that big or strong, i guess the 80 flex was still too weak for me.

So instead of getting another Octane, a few months ago i splashed out (kind of) on an Rbk 5K snake grip shaft and have loved using it ever since. It doesn't feel like its weakened much since i bought it, my slapshot is flying now, wrist shots are still great and its nice and lightweight. When/if it ever breaks i'm pretty certain i'll buy another one. The only reason i wont is if i find someone over here who sells Innovative shafts. I'd love to try a Novius out but im not sure about importing a stick.

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