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10-25-2003, 10:36 PM
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Originally Posted by LoudmouthHemskyfan#1
BOTH. Because we CAN have both. Seriously, why should anyone even come to a single game more if that's the whole point of this year? To look poor and pathetic? How bout we trade any good player we have and say we can't afford them? OH, that's okay because we'll be juuuhhhsssttt fine come next year.........

No, we wouldn't be.

We're not going to magically become a good hockey team. You have to build to that, and that's what we should be doing this year.

I can't believe you're buying the doomsday scenario..........

You can NOT have both.
The current CBA is dragging us under and you can't see it? It's no doomsday scenario, just plain economics. This isn't hockey we're talking about here, this is BUSINESS. Plus, some of the US-based owners are not helping either.

They're just hanging on here in Edmonton and other cities... look at how the CBA has slowly eaten away at this team over the past 5 years! Guerin, Weight, Cujo... all gone because we can not keep up with the big boys.

Look... you're screwed either way.
If you stop going, you're putting the team's future at risk... if they start spending this year, they're putting the team's future at risk. We all must hope for some sense of sanity during the next 12 months. The rebuilding can not happen until after the next CBA. It just can't.


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