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09-28-2011, 10:52 AM
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We need to be in the Southeast. Or anywhere in the east actually.

1. We're in a division with 2 spend to the max teams (detroit, chicago), and at least one more which will outspend us when necessary (StL). Possibly more depending on who comes and goes. We're on a good run now, but all it takes is a couple of missed draft picks, and next thing you know, you're a bad team who spends 15 mill less than the other teams in your division. It's hard to get up off the mat when that happens (see Marlins, Florida).

2. SE teams have the same profile we do - expansion, non-traditional, middle market, middle payroll teams. We'll always be competitive there.

3. It's hard to keep a fan base interested when half your road games start at 9-10pm. You can't travel to any road games outside of your division.

4. Easier road trips for the fans. How many of us made the trip to Anaheim or San Jose for the playoffs. How many of us would go to Washington or Pittsburgh? I'm willing to be a heck of alot more will road trip to eastern teams than have to fly across the continent.

5. More visibility for our franchise. We'd play in New York, Montreal, Toronto, Boston, Philly, etc. Our guys wouldn't lose awards because no one saw them play all year. We're essentially an anonymous franchise right now, because the only big markets we play in are Chicago and Detroit.

6. Bigger draws for Bridgestone - Crosby, Ovechkin, New York, Boston, etc. We draw vs. Detroit because half the arena is red. No one has any interest in Edmonton, Vancouver, Anaheim, LA. On the flip side, you're also more likely to get more visiting fans in the arena - no one's coming from the west coast for a hockey game. But, you probably personally know a few folks in the eastern markets who would trip to Nashville, see the sites, take in a game.

7. Better trips - yeah Chicago is closer than Tampa, Detroit is closer than South Beach - but where would you rather or be more likely to go in January? (not to mention dirt cheap airfare to Florida out of BNA).

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