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10-25-2003, 10:42 PM
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Originally Posted by FacelessButcher
K, not a good start to the year so far if you wanted to shake stuff up who would u be most willing to trade? don't take in just their value to the team but what we could recieve for trading them and whether or not it would be greater than their value to us.

1.Comrie is first of course
2-10. what do you think?
I don't think I could get ten. I like most of the guys that we have in our lineup, but of the guys that I wouldn't mind seeing traded for players that would improve our team:

in order...
1. Comrie - would be great if he came back, but unlikely so he's #1
2. Laraque - his pay is getting up there and I think its unlikely he'll be anything more than a fourth liner. His fighting ability means little if he doesn't drop them at the right times.
3. Salo - I just don't think we could get anything for him right now.
4. Cross/Ferguson - they both play similar games, but if both are in the lineup we should have elite talent as the first three d-men... which we don't.
5. Horcoff - I like Horc & think we should keep as long as he's on the third/fourth line. If Stoll can play there, than I'd rather keep Reasoner.

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