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Originally Posted by KelVarnsen View Post
Sorry. I know you like him and credit a lot of the lines success to him but I happen to disagree. To me he does not add much to the line that cannot be replaced by a possible more skilled player.

I would rather try Cogs there for a while and see how it works. At this point in their careers, IMO Cogs is more skilled and capable than Blake.

Just my opinion.
Cogliano may be more skilled, but from what I have seen he doesn't play the same game Blake does.

Originally Posted by Elvstrand View Post
I agree that Blake filled a purpose on that line, and even though he is small and no longer an offensive dynamo, he hustles as hard as anyone. But some here are acting like he couldn't be replaced and that Koivu and Selanne couldn't find chemistry with anyone else, when Blake in my opininon, is a 3rd liner playing on our 2nd line. Not to mention that he is 38 and declining, chances are that he's only going to be a 25 point winger this season.
Originally Posted by jepjepjoo View Post
What a ridiculous claim. Blake is a dime a dozen player. You act like he's the one who makes the second line work while in reality the 2nd line would be so much better with a more skilled player. Hard workers with tunnel vision belong in the 3rd and 4th lines.
When did I ever say Blake can't be replaced? Of course he can. My point is, with the current roster, there is no one to replace him. So it kills me to see people ***** about him when he's the best option for that line.

Originally Posted by bumperkisser View Post
i really dont believe this.. we've tried BR with koivu and selanne for a couple games and it didn't work nearly as well as the old line in the second half of last season.. the old boys were great for us in the second half of last season and into the PO's... mcmillan plays a similar game to blake so it could work but just putting a skilled player on that line wont make it better imo.. blake does all the things necessary on that line so that selanne and koivu have space.. he takes SO much punishment in the corners from d-men its kinda ridiculous... if his contract was just $2 instead of the 4 then he'd have good value imo..
This. This, this, this, this, this. And as far as I remember, even McMillan wasn't that great in Blake's place. The only guy I think could possibly do what he's done is Smith-Pelley, but he doesn't possess the speed that Blake uses to get to the puck first.

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