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10-25-2003, 10:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Brynster
You can NOT have both.
The current CBA is dragging us under and you can't see it? It's no doomsday scenario, just plain economics. This isn't hockey we're talking about here, this is BUSINESS. Plus, some of the US-based owners are not helping either.

They're just hanging on here in Edmonton and other cities... look at how the CBA has slowly eaten away at this team over the past 5 years! Guerin, Weight, Cujo... all gone because we can not keep up with the big boys.

Let's agree on something. Hockey is BUSINESS, from both the players and owners perspective.

The CBA had nothing to do with losing Guerin, Weight, Cujo... A group of BUSINESSMEN (or women) aka owners, realized that they could make more money with those players (Guerin, Weight, Cujo...) on their team than without them. The players, BUSINESSMEN that they are, realized they could make more money elsewhere.

You should be very happy. Sounds like the BUSINESSMEN are in a win win situation. It also sounds like if you're a small BUSINESSMAN then you better be really good at it (read Ottawa) or you may not be in BUSINESS at all.