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Originally Posted by Sojourn View Post
I don't believe that for one second.
Yeah, well, Fowler wasn't good enough to make Gardiner expendable either.

Originally Posted by Elvstrand View Post
I don't think anyone who is complaining about Blake being on our 2nd line is doing it because they want somone else on our current roster to take his place, but because they want someone from another team to do it. Which, however is a long shot given that Blake's contract is hard to move... I realize why he's even here to begin with (freeing up space to re-sign Bobby) so I usually don't complain... But if his contract had expired earlier this summer, there's no way I would have wanted the Ducks to re-sign him with the intention of using him as a 2nd liner.
I agree, but disagree. Had Blake's contract expired, and we were able to sign him to even less money, I really do think we would've resigned him so we had money to play with at the deadline.


When it comes down to it, this is what irks me... Blake on the second line works. Period. Say what you want, but it's worked for two seasons now. We also happen to be fortunate enough to have the best line that hockey has seen in years, a line that can completely dominate anyone on any given night. So why in blue hell, would you want to break up the best line, to experiment with an already solid second line, after we finally seem to have found a capable bottom six - the HUGE weakness we had - while in the process making the bottom six worse again because Blake isn't suited for it? Why?

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