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09-28-2011, 06:33 PM
Evgeny Oliker
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Center Ice - Question

Hi guys. I'm thinking of getting NHL Center Ice for the first time but I'm worried about black-outs.

I live near Saratoga Springs, NY. In this area, MSG is weird. What MSG does is if Sabres and Rangers play on the same night, they show the Sabres. Otherwise, they show the Rangers. So I'm not sure if my area is considered inside the Rangers TV territory or not?

Here is why I ask:
I read that Center Ice blacks out any games of the team shown locally. Since I dont have MSG right now, I'm afraid that if I get Center Ice, Center Ice will black out the Rangers every time the Rangers are shown on MSG? Is that true? Or would Center Ice still show the broadcast of the opponent team(if say Rangers play Philly, they will show the Philly broadcast only?)?

If anyone knows how all this works, I'd really appreciate some answers! If you live around my area too, that would be helpful to know what you experience if you have Center Ice.

Thanks a lot!

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