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09-28-2011, 07:57 PM
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Originally Posted by ruckus View Post
Could you please quote my personal attacks? Show me exactly where Brendan Shannahan has spoken out against Sean Avery? I know for a fact that Chris Drury claimed that his problem with Avery doing that to Brodeur was based solely on the fact that he was worried Sean was going to take a penalty. I guess that's one up for me since you have nothing that supports your claims.

Shanahan was anxious to take over for Campbell because he wanted to clean up the game from guys like Avery? You're insane. Shanny wanted a job in hockey. And if you'd like to spend your time giving me a list of all the vile, suspendable, dangerous things that Avery has done on the ice that Shanny needs to clean up I'd love to sit here and listen.

Avery has never been a dirty player. There's zero for Shanny to clean up with him.

Why do you resort to far fetched nonsense to try and prove your point?

Why don't you and everyone else just come out and say you don't like the guy?

That's all you have to say. But instead time and time again you guys sit here and try and act like you like the guy and he just interferes with some sort of right and wrong that burns in your souls.

Just tells us all you don't like him and be done with it.
There was an article awhile back that gave us a glimpse into Avery, what he does and says. Shanahan was in it, just trying to have a post game conversation with an opposing player when Avery came in and was a dick to the guy. Shanny was (understandably) displeased.

Not set in stone, but it wouldn't surprise me if the two weren't exactly buddy-buddy.

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