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09-28-2011, 07:01 PM
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Originally Posted by wolfgaze View Post
No, that's not what I implied at all.... I said if a player like Avery were on the Devils or Flyers and pulling Avery's antics (diviing, embellishing injuries, refusing to drop the gloves when squaring off) against our players, our entire fan base would be moaning and groaning about it and we all know that's true... No Ranger fan would be sitting here and saying it's perfectly acceptable because our player (Avery) does the same... Anyone who says that is wearing their Rangers' colored glasses for sure... Nobody would let Patrick Kaleta get a free pass acting like that, nobody would let Ruutu get a free pass either... It's no different than when Ryan Hollweg would repeatedly deliver dangerous boarding hits towards the end of his Rangers tenure... Very few Ranger fans speaking out against those hits, because it was our player delivering them... Had any of our Ranger players been on the receiving end of those hits, they'd be calling for the player's head and a 10 game suspension.... Maybe I'm a different breed but I like to do my best to view things objectively and not let bias creep into my opinions... It would feel pretty disingenuous to me to have a double standard for my own team's players and outwardly criticize opposing players for doing the same things, however my take is that a lot of fans don't see any issue with that....
I'm objective. When Hollweg boarded people, I said it was despicable. I said Purinton should be banned from the league. Accordingly, I wouldn't complain about Avery antics if they were being performed against us by an opponent. You can tell me I'm wearing Rangers-tinted glasses all you want, but you don't know my personal opinions better than I do.


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