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Originally Posted by nyr2k2 View Post
I'm objective. When Hollweg boarded people, I said it was despicable. I said Purinton should be banned from the league. Accordingly, I wouldn't complain about Avery antics if they were being performed against us by an opponent. You can tell me I'm wearing Rangers-tinted glasses all you want, but you don't know my personal opinions better than I do.
I didn't imply you weren't being objective, and I said, quote "very few Ranger fans spoke out against those hits", as in the large majority of fans more or less were quiet about them.... Now if our guys were on the receiving end of those hits, our fans would be livid. Wouldn't you agree there's an obvious double standard at play when it involves our own players vs. other team's players? Crosby was allegedly the biggest crybaby diver in the league, but it was perfectly acceptable to most when Avery was guilty of the same diving and embellishment, but not a peep from our fan base?

Originally Posted by SLU Hockey View Post
Avery doesnt do much suspension worthy stuff anyways. He isn't Matt Cooke. He isn't even Matthew Barnaby.
Nope, just stuff that makes the players in the league despise him and vote him the most hated player in the league. Even the majority of the Stars team couldn't stand him, and that's saying a lot because those guys were teammates of his when he was with the organization... Even our players found a way to have an amicable relationship with Donald Brashear while he was a Ranger, even after all the crap he pulled against our team (sucker punches and general goonery).

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